About me 

  • Intuitive Mindset, Deep Transformation and Self Love Coach

  • Psychedelic Integration Coach

  • Holistic Bodyworker and Healer

  • Shadow Work and Mindfulness Practitioner

  • Global Inspirational Speaker

  • Empowerer and Writer

  • Host of The Elephant In The Room Podcast

Suvi Inkinen is a 40-year-old Finnish born, Sydney (AU) based
  • Global Intuitive Mindset and Self-Love Coach
  • Inspirational Speaker and Writer
  • Shadow Work and Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Host of The Elephant In The Room Podcast
  • Healer and Wellness Educator
  • Self-reclaimed #PerfectionBuster  
  • The founder of Hunaworks and Hunaholisticbodyworks.
After having struggled with the dark downfalls of perfectionism and over two decades of severe eating disorders and eventually finding her way to the other side after years of studies in different parts of the world in healing, mindset, and personal development, she is now on her mission to rid the world from the shackles of perfectionism.
Her work and greatest passion is to help others struggling with self-love, perfectionism, and the feeling of being lost within their own life paths to again find their way back home. Remember who they are and what they are meant to do. To start living their lives through self-worth, self-love, and regain their birthright to joy and happiness.
She beautifully does this by using her personal healing tools gathered over past decades and by sharing her story with rawness, authenticity and vulnerability.
Want to be coached and Guided by Suvi back to Self - Love and begin again living a Free, Authentic, and Imperfectly Perfect life / Book a talk  / or Just to connect with her?
Get in touch here / or from Insta @hunaworks or @elephantintheroompodcast!
She is looking forward to hearing from you!!

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