Channeled Healing Recordings

What are "Channeled Healing Recordings" all about and is it for you?

"My plan" (add laughter by spirit as you read that...) was not to add this service to be a part of my offerings here. To say I was trying to deny this part of myself and run away kicking and screaming when spirit came knocking on my door and said " You are TO DO this." would be an understatement of the century. But slowly I have learned to lean in when I am told to do something, trust and know it is for the highest good of myself and people who come to me. I do not need to know what will follow or what the big picture will look like, I will be made known when the time is right.


  • You are in need of healing (energetic, spiritual, emotional, physical...)in your life.

  • If you wish to have a session on your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

  • Are looking to experience something new and personalised just for you.

  • If you are open enough to receive healing even if it "intellectually" makes no sense to you or you can not understand it.

  • If you are wishing to be uplifted and connect to yourself more (the spirit of you).

  • If you are about to go and do a Medicine Journey (a beautiful integration and healing tool as you prepare and return home).

  • If you are ready to possibly sit with your shadows (check Option 2 at the bottom)

Healing through channeling began for me by light language that started pouring out of my being, then adding hand signals to it, then toning, singing and channeling in actual words. It first felt to my human mind as I was loosing my marbles, yet my body felt these beautiful vibrations in shivers, energetic shifts and vibrational upgrades. They felt deeply healing and uplifting. so I knew there was something there. I began to test them with friends and clients alike, and the response was overwhelmingly beautiful. These tones, words, singing and strange languages unlocked something in people listening to them. Helped them shift blockages and heal. Each in their own unique way. As unique as each individualised channeling is. sometimes I cry as I record these beautiful sessions for people because I can feel the person and what is happening so well. And I am honoured to be able to hold this sacred space for them.


Part of my work as a healer and a channeller is to keep my own vibration high through out and my energy clean and clear with intense daily practises. Make sure I am only open to channelling beings from 5th dimension and up. Nothing else but spiritual beings, ancestors and guides working with light and love ONLY are allowed to come through. For your healing or mine.

If you are unfamiliar with LIGHT LANGUAGE, it is merely a vibration being channeled through high vibrational beings, either through writing, tones, klicks, hand signals, singing...each persons "language" is their own. And each person is a mere channel for it.

And each person listening to it or watching it will have a different reaction, but it is also in service of your healing. ALWAYS.

What can I say about Suvi…


I came across her on Instagram, another face amongst millions...turns out she is truly one in a million!

Me and my partner have been her clients for Psychedelic Integration Coaching and I recently experienced a personalised,

channelled healing journey by her, including beautiful light language activations.

Suvi has helped me understand experiences and thoughts I had no words to describe myself,

an ongoing journey of which I'm so glad she was able to join my path.

If I said her energy can be felt from the other side of the planet, I'm sure you'd laugh…I've had shamanic sessions before,

but Suvi's healing technique is the first I've come across to actually move me emotionally, and being a guy that's a hard thing to admit. Her voice has a beautiful calmness that you would want any teacher or therapist to have.

I'm not sure she realises but she seems to have a genuine inner knowledge of what we are missing as both individuals and together as a society. In today's crazy world I feel I've found an incredible connection to both my own inner and outer world and what really matters in the short time we have to enjoy and experience it.

Having Suvi in my life to help me understand both sides is truly a blessing...


Peace, love and hugs "


Mark Horton,


As spirit and energy knows no time or space (these are merely human constructs made up by us to structure our existence so we can understand it), these healings can be listened to when ever and how ever many times you wish. Each time something else will happen within your energetic and physical body. Sensations can run from relaxation, shovers, body jerks, laughter, each person this experience will be different.

It is also important to keep in mind that as with any deep healing, or journeying whether with medicine or not) things that are uncomfortable or feel scary MIGHT also rise up to be released during your session, because IT IS THE RIGHT TIME and PLACE for you to do so. For no other reason. So your job is only to surrender and ALLOW. Remember you are safe and held. Nothing bad is happening to you, you are HEALING. This does not happen every time, sometimes you only feel beautiful and uplifting things. But I felt it is important to remind you of this aspect as well.


After I get your name and permission to sit and record a healing for you (I cannot do it without that because spirit can only come to your aid if you ask it to), I will do my own spiritual preparation for myself and my healing space, and then call in your spiritual team and mine to come in and deliver a healing for you. And they do so by ringing through what ever you need in this time. That is not up to me. The recording will be app. 30 minutes long (I don't time them but holding that high vibrational energy for much longer is not possible and spirit usually ends the session along those timelines for me.).

I will first run you through a beautiful grounding, protection and connection meditation. Then I will use healing crystal bowls that vibrate with your heart and crown chakra to open these chakras up and lift their vibration to aid you in receiving the healing afterwards. After this I allow spirit to come through and I step out of the way. Generally it is a mixture of toning, singing and light language, occasionally messages come through as well.

Most often I channel my beautiful ancestors, the Lakota people when it comes to messages and an old lady from their tribe that comes through and delivers the most beautiful healing for you. With light language generally Pleiadians come forth. 

You can listen to this recording as many times as you wish, but all I ask is for you to allow some days in between for integration of the frequencies that are delivered into your being. 

And remember, don't try to understand or "human" what happens, all you have to do is put your mind out of the way and RECEIVE.

Within a week after I receive your payment, I will email you a downloadable recording straight to your email with a few more "instructions".  And it will be ready for you to listen!

Price for the Offering is 222AUD

Suvi’s personalised channelling was very unusual type of healing for me...


"I immediately felt presence of my guides,

they were talking to me and giving explanations on particular situations of recent events and guidance’s.

Also, I felt presence of the Spirit and received download for my healing practices. It was very gentle,

also emotional and at the same time valuable.

In the past, I had seen many Light Language transmissions from different people and quite familiar with them,

but Suvi’s transmission was super powerful because it was channelled uniquely just for me. 

I would recommend it for those who need more clarity in life and/ or guidance. "


Natalia Belorska.

Intuitive Healer, Medicine Woman

San Francisco


As the personalised channeled healings with direct messages from spirit can potentially be quite confronting and bring up shadows for you to work through, trigger parts of you you have been trying to push away, similarly to a Medicine Journey. I am offering these healings in 2 different forms depending your personal need right now. If you are in a place in your own healing journey where you are ready to sit with your shadows and allow them to be seen, work though what ever spirit wishes you to see. If you feel stable and able to do that with where you are in your life, choose OPTION 1 and write that within your booking.  Triggering or discomfort may not always happen, but I think this is a good thing for you to be aware of. 

If you are in a place in your life where you don't feel ready for going too deep or stable and strong enough to sit with discomfort and are wishing for a healing that will raise your vibration, gently shift things for you, unblock what needs to move within you and feel held without too much stirring, choose OPTION 2 and write it within your booking. In option 2 I won't bring trough messages but merely stick with sound healing with crystal bowls, channeled light language as well as a meditation for grounding and protection. Things also included in option 1.

With either healing, you are safe and loved. I only bring in beings working with love and light and nothing that is here to harm you. I only work with beings and energies 5th Dimension and up. If you feel you want to work though what you felt or what came up, integrate and get help in a safe, sacred space. Feel free to book a 1-on-1 Deep Transformation Coaching Session with me, and well work things through together.

This was no “small event” for me...


WOW! So powerful!
I felt the spoken messages in between toning, singing and light language were there to bring to the surface emotional

unlooked and blocked parts of myself, shadows that I had been pushing down for a long time.

During the healing I felt safe and uplifted, teary and had visions of a butterfly.

I recognised that I have kept my heart closed out of fear. Even though it its full of light. 
Straight after the session I felt physically tired but so held in the softest way and a lot of beautiful

warmth upwards from my root chakra, all the way to my crown. 
A lot of questions to integrate as I move forward. 
A word of warning though, for me this felt as a shamanic healing session where a lot of my own darkness and fears were also brought to the surface. Things that I have been integrating and working through the week following my session. So if you are not in a place in your soul journey or human life where you are ready to deal with your “shit” and face your own shadows that might be triggered by spoken messages from spirit, you might want to stick with the channelled healings without direct messages for you. For a more  gentle healing, energetic unblocking and raising your vibe.

Or set up a session with coaching with Suvi after the fact to unravel and integrate what came up for you.

I have no words to express how grateful I am to have a healer, a soul like you in my life!

Thank you Suvi xx "

Henna Hallikainen, Finland
A visual artist