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Intuitive Mindset  Coach  


I've been asked this so many times I've lost count. Before I just did what I did without giving it too much thought. Guiding people happened naturally and the information seemed to be pretty spot on. When I began the journey to do what I was so very passionate about professionally, I began to look for a name for the work. Coming up with nothing. Coming up with a name because there wasn't one. That is where INTUITIVE MINDSET COACHING came from. I help transform your mindset from stuck to fluid by using intuitive knowledge that I am a mere channel for. Using my intuitive ability to help you get in touch with yours.

The easiest way to explain it, is that during my coaching sessions I am the channel for the information to come through me. In the beginning of each session I connect to my guides as well as my higher self. The information needed for any specific client comes in the way they need to hear it. In that specific time and space. And for some reason it always is just that. What you needed to hear or have someone point out to you. Crystallises your thinking and clarifies the issues you were struggling with. Opens the doors within you to a place that already had all the answers you were looking for.

I don't sugar coat what I say or say what you WANT to hear. I say what you NEED to hear to move forward. Become the person, parent, professional, partner you deserve to be. The best version of YOU. 

Get clarity and direction.

In addition to Intuitive Mindset Coaching I use Ho'ponopono clearing practises to help you let go of people and situations from the past that unknowingly are holding you back as well as inner child work and other little gifts from my healing toolkit.

I conduct 1-on-1 sessions over the phone, Skype or in person in my healing space in Maroubra, NSW.

So no matter where in the World you are, I am here for you.

Love and Aloha,

Suvi xx



Are you struggling with...

  • self love

  • relationships

  • finding the love of your life

  • career

  • parenting

  • feeling stuck and lacking joy, drive to be the person you want to be, live the life you secretly dream of living?

You are not alone. Most of us are. I was.

But that can change. If you are ready?


Book a call and I'll guide you through the rough patches. Hold a space for you to find your way back to YOU.


single 1h call /210$

5 x 45min call / 950$


Join my growing

army of badass 


for a 6 week

PERFECTION BUSTER online program.

A program that shows you how to become a joyful and confident imperfectionist!!


Each week guides you through a new method to kick perfectionism in the

butt for good!! Including a 1-on-1 online coaching session with yours truly.

I share methods that I have learned over the past 20 years to become the  free, happy and perfection free  woman I am today!!

The course is full of useful tips and proven successful HOW TO tools that will help you rid yourself away from the shackles of perfectionism!

Get in touch with me for more details!