Magic Mushroom Dosing Explained

So, you are considering to try yourself some Magic Mushrooms? What ever your reasons for doing so are, for the purpose of  microdosing, for recreational use or deeper journeying into your own psyche...when taken responsibly and in the correct setting, they can bring magical experiences and true healing into your life.

I have gotten a lot of questions linked to dosing, so I thought to put together a simple guide to help you if you have been wondering of how much is too much or too little for what you had in mind! Weights are based on most commonly used spieces Psilocybe cubensis (Earle) Strophariaceae. 

(read more about set and setting, cautions and considerations)



Disclaimer: Psilocybin Mushrooms are illegal in most countries, and I do not personally encourage, advocate or condone their use where it is against the law. However, I do acknowledge the fact that illegal use of mushrooms does occur in the world we live in in an expanding rate, and I believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe while they engage with substances such like magic mushrooms That is the reason I am sharing information and knowledge about them. It is all merely designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use them.  I do not in any way encourage using magic mushrooms outside of a legal or traditional context.

Here we go! Or wait... before we do, a few more things to keep in mind.
These amounts are for mushrooms used in their dried form. And that this is only a generalised guide, not written in stone due to a few reasons;
  • There are various different kinds of species of Magic Mushrooms out there that vary greatly in potency.
  • The way they are handled and dried effects the potency as well as where they have grown.
  • Every person has their own tolerance for the substance and even the same person might have different reactions to the same dose on different occasions (mood, prep, food in the stomach , previous experience, weight etc..). 
  • Using citrus (e.g. orange or lemon juice) as a drink to mix them to, have been told to make effects kick on quicker and stronger
  • There are no guarantees on what kind of experience you will have. You don't know what you don't know until you know it.
  • Generally psilocybin kicks in 15-30 mins and runs out of steam in 4-6 h.

ALWAYS rather take less and take a little more after 20-30 mins than go high on dosage. Once the ride can't turn back.

MICRODOSING 0,2 - 0,5 g

Microdosing is an art form in itself. You want to find a sweet spot where you don't really feel the physical or visual effects. The magic happens in your brain while you go about your day. There are many schools on when and how often microdosing should be done, but one way is to do this every 3 days. When you start testing for your treshold, choose a day you are not meant to do much as you don't want to be too "out there" if you have to head to work or do other kind of adulting.


This is an ideal dose if you want to enhance your meditation practise, get creative or hang out with friends. Floaty and softness would be the adjectives to describe this state.


TAPPING A TAD DEEPER 1,0 - 2,0 g (have a sitter or trusted person with you)

This is a good try out zone for you if you are new to the world of Magic Mushrooms and want to tip your toes safely a little deeper. Yet keep in mind they can go really deep too if starts align, so you want to be prepared with a safe person with you keeping you company. Full body and mind feels, flying high or never knows. Great for having a deep connective experience with friends or your partner. Either chatting or going within. Set intentions and have a safe, comfortable en


CLASSIC MUSHROOM TRIP 2,0 - 3,0 g (have a sitter or trusted person with you)

This is often what the fuss is about. The dose that people take for the average psilocybin trip! Riding the waves of your subconscious. At times you feel more in control and other times less so. The coin could drop on either side.

         During this kind of journey you often feel, think, and perceive new                 things. Get insights of life and yourself. Have a journal and                             write these gold nuggest down. This is the dose as the ones to                           come where you want to have someone there to hold space for you.                 Just in case.



HELLO STARDUST 3,0 -4,5 g (have a sitter or trusted person with you)

This is the amount you don't generally begin with when you are getting familiar with psychedelics or Magic Mushrooms.  And the amount for which I would recommend to have someone like me along to help with for prep and integration as well as unravelling afterwards. In this dose people often find themselves in the midst of a mystical experience, connecting with the divine and even experiencing ego death. These are not doses to be used for some harmless fun or escapism. These experiences can be difficult but also extremely insightful and healing. The idea is to go inside and not out. So recommendation is to close your eyes, get comfortable and fly into the depths of yourself. SET, SETTING, INTENTIONS and ENVIRONMENT are KEY!! So if you have any questions, please get in touch!!



EGO WHO? 4,5 - 7,0 g (have a sitter / shaman  or trusted person with you)

Not at all a recommended dose or needed. Yet there are people taking these massive doses who are also known as "psychonauts", so wanted to add it in :-) People even going up to 35g. Often full separation from self with the higher end of the dose.

If you struggle e.g. with bi-polar or are on mind altering medications...have a chat with your physician or mental health professional before trying any of these doses.

Dosing is not a game of "one up everyone else". The higher the better is an ego lead and quite ignorant thought that you want to let go of when it comes to journeying.

So there it is. Your mini guide to the magical world of Mushrooms. Hope it gave you an idea of how much and if you even should journey into this world. As well as helps you to have a safe and responsible journey!

Respect the medicine and be careful!

Any questions, I am here. I want you to be safe and have a good experience.


Suvi xx


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