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The elephant in the room 
 A wholehearted Podcast series by Suvi Inkinen

Suvi is the Founder of Hunaworks, Intuitive Mindset Coach and Global Inspirational Speaker. As well as a US trained Wellness Educator, Holistic and Clinical Bodyworker. Previously she has done a career as a Social Worker and Counsellor in her native Finland and also has a long, extensive background of studies in personal development and healing practises. She is known as the Perfection Buster!



After a 2 decade long journey through the depths of her own struggles with perfectionism and severe eating disorders, and having come to the light side of life 10 years ago herself, she is now on her mission to encourage, inspire and empower other people to live their most authentic lives, embrace their personal toolkits for success, their unique imperfections. With her loving and compassionate approach she is guiding people in their personal journey of letting go of the limiting shackles of perfection, shame and fear of failure in various aspects of their lives and their being. Become who they truly are. Be ready to set the world on fire!


We all know it. There is an elephant in the room of most of our lives. It is huge, something that is hiding in plain sight but we all pretend not to see it, refuse to talk about it.

Yet here I am, pointing at it, exposing it to the entire World to see. Not exposing it with judgement we’d expect but with loving kindness and empathy. With compassion.

The elephant being the various things we all hide from others in our chase of the illusion of Perfection. We hide it because we feel shame and fear. Fear of being judged, not loved, liked or accepted exactly as we are.


In this search we forget that the elephants we are so desperately trying to hide, our vulnerabilities, imperfections and flaws, they are the very things that makes us unique. Make us human. Make us who we authentically are. They are things that connect us to others. They are the real toolkits for a successful and happy life. Life full of joy, love and gratitude.


This podcast series is all about wholeheartedness. It’s all about vulnerability. It’s all about true human connection. Seeing each other exactly as we are. Openly talking about our feelings of shame, our fears and imperfections. The Elephant In The Room of all of our lives. These are courageous conversations shared by people you already know and look up to, or most likely will want to know after you hear their stories, their struggles and victories.


I am here to bring you real, beautiful, raw dialogues of perfectionism and vulnerability. Asking my brave guests to reveal their true beauty behind the masks of perfection.


Love and Aloha,


Suvi xx

EPISODE 1:Suvi Inkinen, The PERFECTION BUSTER! The Founder of Hunaworks, Hunaholisticbodyworks and Elephant In The Room Podcast.










“The beginning of something beautiful”

Today marks yet another new beginning in the pile of beautiful beginnings for me. A seed has been planted, a seed from where hopefully something beautiful, empowering, encouraging and inspiring grows out of. With nurture, love and caring, I am sure it will.

Today was a step forward in my own “exposure therapy”, a tool I use in a process of living a life of freedom and joy. The antidote to the prison of perfectionism. Sharing and showing up. As for me. Faults, fuck-ups and all.

This first recording was meant to be a practice run before the real episodes, but as the whole idea is to be raw, authentic and show up as the imperfect humans we are. I decided to walk the talk and share my verbal diarrhea with you all. No editing or second takes, just as it all came out of my mouth.

We chatted about what I do, my own history and the beginning of the podcast. With as much vulnerability I could muster.

Next time I will be chatting to Liam Zollo, about his life, his personal struggles with vulnerability and perfectionism. A legend of a human, and a brave man to so happily say YES to showing up, embracing my humble Perfection Buster mission without a moment of hesitation.

Watch this space !!!