Created by Suvi Inkinen, USA Licenced Holistic and Clinical Bodyworker, AU trained Remedial - and Sports Therapist as well as Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner.


This is a passion project over a decade in the making. What you will learn?


  • You will learn my entire WINNING 90 min full body FUSION LOMI technique I have developed over the past decade (all my magic moves and secrets for success revealed! ) and used globally with everyday people to people in the public eye and highly successful athletes!
  • Constructed combining: Reiki, Sports and Remedial Massage, Shiatsu, LomiLomi, Reflexology, NMT, Triggerpoint Therapy and Myofascial Release to mention a few.
  • In addition to bodywork techniques, I will teach you my WHY and HOW behind every move that made me the sought after therapist I was.
  • Additional, specific releases for different parts of the body
  • How to use your bodymechanics to have a safe and long lasting career as a bodyworker
  • How to build an authentic and lasting rapport with clients
  • How to treat people regardless of their background or physical conditions
  •  How to STAND OUT as a practitioner next to everyone else out there
  • And so much more!!!




  • A full 2 h video of the hands on technique with explanations, so you can practise when ever and where ever. How many times you need to!
  • A 14 page PDF with a lot of extra information on how, why, what to do and what not (and quite a few other things to make you step up your game!)


" I highly recommend Fusion Lomi Essentials  workshop with Suvi. She is an amazing person and an excellent teacher with a lot of experiences and knowledge. The way she treats people is different from anything I've learned before. This course opened my mind and I realised that there is another way to massage than I had ever been taught. When I treated my boss after the workshop, she was so amazed and told me I was a totally different therapist from what I had been before. I absolutely love how Suvi showed and taught us. With so much patience and love. It was a fabulous workshop and one of the best decisions I've made for my career! I am looking forward for another. Thank you so much Suvi!!! "

- Dasa x



Fusion Lomi Online Course

  • You will receive on your email a 14 page PDF for all the additional information of the course as well as a password to unlock your very own FUSION LOMI course video on Vimeo.

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