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This workshop is targeted for everyone who has minimum a Cert IV in massage and who wants to learn new techniques and step up your game as a practitioner! It also requires you to know the basics of anatomy and physiology as well as basic massage techniques.

It is a filmed version of the entire full body technique I've created over the 10+ years, explanation of the unique reasoning behind the technique and specific releases to be added to the sequence when needed. A technique that has made me one of the most saught after therapists in Sydney!

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It incorporates all the different techniques I have learned over the years of practising into one: NMT, Shiatsu, LomiLomi, Swedish, Remedial, Triggerpoint Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy and so on. In addition to the hands on technique, Fusion Lomi technique includes a totally different approach on Massage and Bodywork.

With the course you can learn in the comfort of your own home and will have the videos to go back to forever. 



Over the 10+ years practicing I have created a unique Bodywork technique called Fusion Lomi that has allowed me to separate myself from the masses and made me one of the most sought after therapists in my field.

In addition to it helping me separate myself from others it has also has made it possible for me to treat people with variety of different backgrounds and issues, using the same ideology with everyone with great success. I am blessed to treat people from elite athletes such as AFL rugby players and Ironman athletes to people with Chronic Fatigue, Osteoarthritis or Cancer and everything in between.


I have been practising for 10+years as a holistic and clinical bodyworker, as well as a teacher and mentor for other bodyworkers on the later part of those years. I was originally trained and licensed in Holistic and Clinical Bodywork as well and Wellness coaching in Hawaii, USA, but had already practised Reiki and Reflexology for years before that in my native Finalnd. After having my own studio and wellness practise, and worked for companies like the Hilton and 4 Seasons as a Remedial Therapist, I came to Australia over 4 years ago and at the time did my Remedial Diploma here as well.

Over the years I have been blessed to work with people from all walks of life, different cultures, with different conditions and ages. People who have had numerous treatments in their lives: people in the public eye, on the top of their game in sports but also everyday people who have struggled to find a practitioner they want to stick with. Who they can connect with. For one reason or another I have had these people stay with me after their first experience and since send their loved ones/clients to see me because of how they felt leaving my table. Over the years I have found out it was all about the way I saw bodywork, my technique as well as the way I made clients feel while they were with me.This is how the seed for this course was born years ago. My desire to share with fellow practitioners what I have learned through these unique and beautiful experiences with clients.


What you will learn:


  • A full body 90 min Fusion Lomi sequence 

  • How, why and what is FUSION LOMI, how the approach deffers from any other.

  • Additional releases to use with specific conditions.

  • My success philosophy on bodywork and little tips and tricks that make you rise above other bodyworkers.

  • How to use your body mechanics to your advantage and with that have longevity in your career.

  • Help you step up your game as a practitioner with new skills and self confidence!


" I highly recommend Fusion Lomi Essentials  workshop with Suvi. She is an amazing person and an excellent teacher with a lot of experiences and knowledge. The way she treats people is different from anything I've learned before. This course opened my mind and I realised that there is another way to massage than I had ever been taught. When I treated my boss after the workshop, she was so amazed and told me I was a totally different therapist from what I had been before. I absolutely love how Suvi showed and taught us. With so much patience and love. It was a fabulous workshop and one of the best decisions I've made for my career! I am looking forward for another. Thank you so much Suvi!!! "

- Dasa x

FUSION LOMI online course