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So, as you found yourself here, I am guessing you are either just curious or considering to try yourself some Magic Mushrooms? What ever your reasons for doing so are, for the purpose of microdosing, for recreational use or deeper journeying into your own psyche...when taken responsibly, with intention and respect (to yourself and the medicine) as well as in the correct set and setting, they can bring magical experiences and true healing into your life.

As a Psychedelic Integration Coach, I receive a continuous flow of questions linked to the correct dosing with Psilocybin, so I thought I'd put together a simple guide to help you along and help keep you safe. Whether you have been wondering on how much is too much or too little for what you had in mind, you are in the right place!

I personally think these beautiful plant teachers should not be taken as a means of escape, mindlessly and recreationally without preparation (not that you really can escape...because even if that is your plan, the plants often have a plan of their own) but with respect and intention. Doing your own due diligence before you jump ahead and take any kind of psychedelic medicine is the key. But again, that is my view on it all after a lot of study and working withe medicine myself as well as working closely with clients. Seeing what what can happen when it is not done with these things in mind.


But of course, you are allowed to have a view of your own and hopefully  the information in the guide will help you either way to stay safe and get what you are looking to find!

I also added a Micro-Dosing mini diary to the PDF to use as a tool if Micro-Dosing is the way you choose to go.



Get your FREE Psilocybin Dosing Guide and a handy Micro - Dosing Diary here!

To go through the ALL IMPORTANT set, setting as well as pre- and post integration process to get the most out of your experience or merely ask the additional questions burning on your mind (there are no unimportant questions. If they pop into your mind, they matter.), get yourself on a FREE discovery call with me and we'll get you sorted for it all and more!


Safe travels!



Plant Medicines and Psychedelics (entheogens ) are still illegal in most countries, and I do not personally encourage, advocate or condone the use of these substances where it is against the law. However, I do acknowledge the fact that illegal use of these medicines does occur in the world we live in at an expanding rate, and I believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative in keeping people safe while they engage with substances such as entheogens. In aiding people to do their own due diligence. That is the ONLY reason I am sharing information and knowledge about these medicines. It is all merely designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use them.  I do not in any way encourage using these substances outside of a legal or traditional context.  

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