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About Suvi

Aloha Fellow Traveler,
my name is Suvi Inkinen...
Let's get to know each other a little deeper. I will start by sharing parts of my journey, and telling you details about who I am today and why. Then it is your turn.

But instead of beginning by telling you what I do or any other "outer" descriptions of myself (that in all honesty are only labels we give to ourselves, stories we believed to be true about ourselves or our lives, not truly about US at all), I rather begin by telling you what my soul looks like from the inside.

In colour I would be purple like a hazy, dreamy sunset after a hot summer's day. I dream of lands unseen and of people I never met before. I cry at the drop of a hat and feel other people's pain and sadness, happiness and joy, to my very core. I believe in destiny (with twist of timelines, destiny line and human choices)  and divinity of our being. I believe people are inherently good and that love is always a stronger force than hate or fear. Light is always more powerful than darkness. Always.
  • Souldeep Transformation Guide

  • Soul Wisdom Activator

  • Psychedelic Integration Coach

  • Modern Medicine Woman

  • Psychic Healer

  • Cosmic Shaman

  • Shadow Work and Mindfulness Practitioner

  • Global Inspirational Speaker

  • Empowerer and Writer

  • Host of The Elephant In The Room Podcast

Since I was little, I have lived between this and the spirit world. Getting visitations from people passed on and tapping into realms unseen with the human eye. I have a strange soul connection to whales and dolphins, as if they are my brothers and sisters from a life I once knew. And I later came to find out they were. They are. As a remembering Sirian starseedling, a Lemurian and Atlantean, these multidimensional beings remind me of home away from my Earthly home. I KNOW I am from elsewhere, that being here on Earth is just a tiny passage within my story. As it is in yours. I also know that you are here reading, this because you were led to me just as much as I was led to you. By beautiful spiritual happenstance. Contract we once made, where I promised to be here when you are ready to remember. Daringly swim beyond your human skin. Nothing to do with chance or random coincidence. 


Now a little bit of the outer things that seem to matter to fellow humans. I am a Finn by origin, yet since I was 2 years old,  I had told my mother Finland is not my country. The cold weather and lack of sun. White skin on peoples, and my face, never felt quite right to me. So after many divine detours, I've ended up in Australia and currently I live most of my time in sunny Sunshine Coast, QLD. Where I was guided by spirit. A place where I have stepped into yet a new expansion and deepening. Continuing my work as a Cosmic Shaman...but that is  a story for another day.

Throughout the years past, I graduated with a BA in Social Science in my native Finland, I was certified through Usui Reiki to be a Reiki healing practitioner, I was trained as a Holistic and Clinical Bodywork and Wellness Educator in Maui, the US,  as well as getting trained as an Access Consciousness Practitioner in my years in Malta. In addition to all of that, I also completed quite a few other accreditations in various healing and personal development techniques over the last decades to compliment what I already knew. The latest additions to the list has been getting Certified as a Psychospiritual Transformation and Integration Coach, Addiction Recovery Coach as well as finally harnessing my skills as a Channeller through Channeling Spirit Academy and stepping into my own rememberance.  Currently adding to my toolkit a certification as a practitioner in Soulblueprint Realignment and Akashic Reading.

Yet the greatest learning to what I do today has been through surrendering to spirit. Connecting to my masters and guides from lives past. Remembering, bringing through my soul gifts I once knew so well. Picking the things that resonate with my being and leaving the rest. Trusting my soul and guides to show me instead of following the steps of another. No matter how highly regarded. Because no one knows your truth, or has the truth of anything for that matter. We all merely share our truth from OUR perspective in this very moment. That is all. And I see most of my work simply being a vessel for spirit to come through me. Use my earthly vessel to anchor things through vibration into here, the 3D we humans exist in. Through singing, toning, bringing forth cosmic messages from spirit, shamanic work, automatic writing as well as light language activations and so on.
Up to my late 20s I worked as a counsellor in a crisis center for children and their families, but after seeing so much heartbreak and things that still haunt me to this day, I felt the call to move along from that field. It was more than my soft heart could bear. I practised nearly 10 years and a bit as an energetic healer as well as a holistic and clinical bodyworker, and before ending that career, I found myself also teaching a bodywork modality I "accidentally" created over the last decade.
In the recent years as my own transformation organically shifted my being and focus, more gifts began to emerge (and there is more being remembered still) and after I had my own Awakening and Kundalini Awakening occur, people began to find me for mentoring and guidance around their own inner shifts.  I moved into becoming a Soul Wisdom Activator, Awakening Mentor and Psychedelic Integration Coaching as well as working as a facilitator with Plant Medicine, tapping into my forgotten memory of being a ( Modern )Medicine Woman. A Cosmic Shaman.

​Since I was an itty bitty girl, I was naturally always the one taking care of others and wanting the people around me to be happy. That feeling of needing to make others load a little lighter to carry, never really left me as I grew up either. I wasn't sure what that work would eventually look like but I knew it had to center it around helping others, one way or another.
"I slowly forgot what little me naturally knew how to do, take care of myself and my own wellbeing."
As I was trying to figure that all out for myself and looking after others as I was doing so, I slowly forgot what little me naturally knew how to do, take care of myself and my own wellbeing. See myself as someone who mattered just as she did. I drifted further and further away from who I was. Feeling more and more disconnected from myself and others. Lost and alone. That slowly led to heavy struggles with the dark downfalls of perfectionism and over two decades of severe eating disorders. To the extent where I wrote a goodbye letter to my parents in my late 20s and the only thing that got me out of bed was the thought that if it all gets too hard, I can end it. Let go of the life that felt too heavy and be done. For good.
"Serendipitously finding my way to plant medicine, tapping into my gifts as a medicine woman, going through my own dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening."

Eventually I found my way to the other side of all that after years of studies in different parts of the world in healing, mindset, and personal development. Throwing myself in the mercy of my journey of transformation, going into the places in myself I had been running away for so long. Remembering. Doing the work. Coming home to myself.

Later on "s
erendipitously" finding my way to plant medicine after never touching any kind of psychedelics in my life. And having sworn I never would. It is not for me, I always said. And with the guidance and healing through these beautiful plant teachers, tapping into my ancient gifts as a Medicine Woman and a Cosmic Shaman working through spaces unseen, going through my own dark night of the soul and awakening. And after all that, after 4 decades of searching for something that was inside me all along, I finally know why I am here. As anything else, our careers and ourselves included, it is all in a constant state of transformation, but today I finally know why all what has happened had to happen. What that "somehow helping others" looks like for me. 

No matter how much I've studied, my true teacher into my life's work has been MY LIFE. Spirit. Surrender to the flow with spirit. Each experience, person, job, study, joy, darkness, love and heartbreak has led me into the flow of my true self and true purpose. 

" My work and greatest passion is to help others struggling with their spiritual awakening, lack of self-love, perfectionism, and the feeling of being lost within their own life paths to again find their way back home. (S)trip away all that was never them to begin with.""
My work and greatest passion in life is to help others find their way home, to themselves. Connect with their true essence and activate ad remember their sacred soul gifts. Guide people struggling with their spiritual awakening, lack of self-love, alignment and the feelings of being lost within their own life. To be a teacher and educator.
Assist you as you again find your way back home to yourself and reconnect with your innate passions and purpose in life. Remember who you are and what you are here to do and discover. To start living your life through self-worth, self-love, and with recognition of your birthright to joy and happiness. Finally (S)trip away everything that is not YOU. 

I do this by holding a sacred and safe space for you, so you are able to unravel without being afraid. Face your shadows and unhealthy stories and beliefs with childlike curiosity. Allow them to be seen and released when you are ready, so they are not weighing you down anymore from being all you can be. I intuitively guide you through the dark with shamanic storytelling, so you can find your own light. Along the way as we journey into you together, I also use my magical, personal healing tools that will aid your individual process of remembrance, tools I have gathered over past decades (and still am) and not shying away from sharing parts of my own story with rawness, authenticity and vulnerability with you either if and when needed.

A little taster of one of my cosmic medicines, a DNA activation transmission.

You can also have your personalised transmission with me!

I am honoured to be a part of your journey and work with you as you find again your true essence! Begin to live the life you truly deserve to live!
Suvi xx
( the little,
current and future me )
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