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Intuitive Deep Transformation Coaching

What is Intuitive Deep Transformation Coaching?

I've been asked this so many times over the years I've lost count. When I began the journey to professionally do what I am in this world to do, something I am so passionate about I could not think of doing anything but. I began to look for a name for my personal style of coaching. Just to come up with NOTHING. Because there wasn't a description out there for what I did. Because only one who does what I DO is me. Just as the only one who can offer the world what YOU DO is you.

I came up with the words Intuitive Deep Transformation Coaching because it seemed to be the best way to describe my way of guiding people. I think the best way to explain the exacts of my style is by telling you what Deep Transformation Coaching with me IS NOT. I am not a coach who is here to help you become more "ego efficient" individual. More successful or make more money. Fitter or better at playing the game society has over time conditioned you to play. NO. Those things often follow due to this work, but they are not our driving force for our work together.

Most of my clients are in a space in their life where they APPEAR happy

and successful ON PAPER.

Yet one day they wake up and realise that it is not truly reflecting their inner world at all. They feel lost, disconnected and unfulfilled. Unhappy within their life, career, relationships and/or within themselves. They feel the emerging of a SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY from within. Where something HAS TO change. There simply is no other way. They are ready to begin their own personal HEROS JOURNEY. Ready to (s)trip away all that is not them. Finally begin to emerge as their authentic self. Even if it means dissolving parts of their ego and letting go of things/relationships that have become a part of their false identity. Layers that have been keeping their true essence out of sight. NO MORE. They are ready to LET GO and LET COME.

I am here to help you (s)trip away all that is not you. Help you make friends with your shadows and celebrate your light. Help you get rid of the heavy layers you built over time to keep yourself safe. Invisible. Transform you from stuck to fluid by using intuitive knowledge that I am a mere channel for. Using my intuitive ability to help you get in touch with your own being. Journey into the part of you that already knows all the answers. Hold a sacred and safe space where you can REDISCOVER YOURSELF with love and curiosity. 

What does INTUITIVE mean in all this?

Before I just did what I did without giving the name too much thought. Guiding people happened naturally for me and the information that "came through" seemed to be pretty spot on for each separate individual. Time after time it left me pondering  "how did I know all this without knowing the person at all?". Sometimes using words that I never heard of before. The easiest way to explain it is, that during my coaching sessions I am the channel for the divine information to come through me. In the beginning of each session I connect to my guides as well as my higher self. I "remove my ego and my own mind out of the way" . The information needed for any specific client comes in the way they needed to hear it. In that specific time and space. And for some reason it always is just that. What you needed to hear or have someone point out to you. Crystallises your own thinking and clarifies the issues you were struggling with. Aligns you into a space where answers arise without force and you are able to release beliefs holding you hostage because they are ready to be dissolved.


It opens the doors within you to a place that already had all

the answers you were looking for.

As a coach I don't sugar coat what I say or say what you WANT to hear. I say what you NEED to hear to move forward. To dive deeper into your soul growth and become more you. Yet I do this in a loving way, holding your hand all the way through your transformation. As you unlock yourself from the negative stories and behaviour patterns that kept you stuck in life, career, relationship, yourself. I guide you to become the person, parent, professional, partner you deserve to be. The best version of YOU. Get clarity and direction. Awaken the TRUE YOU.

Each session is different because we let spirit guide the way. But generally we begin by connection and grounding. Coming to the here and now. Often tapping into what is going on with you that day. What things you are struggling with. What areas in your life feel the murkiest. Or we dive into the area we continue working on from a previous session. This is part of the process. One of the hardest parts. Trusting. What is meant to happen or be uncovered, will be uncovered. Your soul knows the way. 

This is about you, so you are the person choosing

the direction.

I am not here to force you to do anything. This is about YOU. Not about me. You do our work for YOU. Not for me. I often give little bit of homework in between sessions so you continue working on what we discovered during the session. But again, doing the work is up to you. It is about how much you wish transformation to happen. For you. 


I do either single calls if you just need to clarify a small moment in your life or be guide through a part that feels murky for you. Or we continue as many sessions as you feel you need to to be able to fly on your own. As I mentioned before, this is about you, not about me.

In addition to Intuitive Deep Transformation Coaching,  I use Ho'ponopono clearing practises when needed to help you let go of people and situations from the past that unknowingly are holding you back, as well as Entheogenic Medicine Work, Inner Child Work, Channeled Healing journeys and Light Language Activations and other little gifts from my healing toolkit.

I conduct all 1-on-1 sessions over the phone

on WhatsApp or Zoom Video Calls.

So no matter where in the world you are,

I am here for you.



Suvi xx



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Are you struggling with...

  • Self love and Self Worth?

  • Bodyimage?

  • Relationships?

  • Finding the love of your life?

  • Career?

  • Parenting?

  • Feeling stuck and lacking joy, drive to be the person you want to be, live the life you secretly dream of living?

  • Perfectionism?

  • Negative outlook on life?

You are not alone. Most of us are. I was. But that can change. If you are ready? Let's do this together!! 


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1:1 Coaching Sessions

If you are ready to look at your shadows and own your shit. Change the story you have been telling yourself. The negative story about who you are and what you deserve. The story that has kept you stuck in life, career and in relationships that do not feel like your own.

My job is to hold a loving space for you as you heal and discover yourself, call you on your bullshit, give tasks to do to remember who you have always been under all the heavy layers and show you the way back home from the darkness.


  • 60 minutes US$166 | 5 sessions US$811

  • 90 minutes US$233| 5 sessions US$1111

Find out what session is best for you!


Private 3 Month
Spiritual Mentorship

Awakening can be a lonely, confusing and scary journey without proper and loving support and guidance. Without understanding and integrating what is happening for you, or without having the tools to assist you as you move higher in your unique soul evolution.

SPIRITUAL MENTORSHIP is a powerful individualised 3 month container where we dive into the depths of your authentic self. Aimed at anyone in the beginning of their awakening journey. It will help you shift your life, regain your birthright to joy and happiness and connect with your inner guidance.

You will learn to work with energy, get understanding of various tools (crystals, cleansing etc) and be protected as your consciousness is opening more and more.

Through Psychic Coaching we will work through limiting stories and beliefs that have been holding you back. Help you remember how being the authentic

YOU feels like!

How to find the freedom to let go of chasing a life not meant for you and claim your birthright to your own MAGNIFICENCE!!

You'll receive 

  • Fortnightly 60 min phone coaching sessions where we go through what ever is going on in your awakening process/soul journey at that time and by psychic coaching activate your inner knowing and soul wisdom (6 in total).

  • Fortnightly ( between coaching sessions) exercises to lovingly help you through the process of awakening and shedding away more layers that are not you. Including a powerful lightlanguage and DNA activation transmission you can listen to as many times as you wish.

  • Text / email check-ins when needed.

  • A guided meditation to use as a tool for grounding, protection and strengthening your connection to the divine. 

  • Additional 30 min closing call at the end of the 3 months.


  •  US$1515 when paid in full (can be paid in 3 instalments/ US$515 each, total US$1545)

Get in touch with me for more details and for booking this GEM in for yourself!