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What is Huna & Ho'oponopono

"Bless that which you want"

There is so much to say about this beautiful philosophy for life, a gentle yet powerful healing practise originated in the Hawaiian Islands. A practise I fell in love with 8 years ago while living in the energy of beautiful Maui. While experiencing the loving spirit of Aloha.

Unlike we often are taught by the "medical industry", that often focuses on treating symptoms, not necessarily preventing or focusing on the cause of the symptoms, HUNA has a more holistic approach, focusing on living with optimal health, not avoiding disease. Prevention.

Huna is one of the original sciences of healing, enlightenment and personal empowerment. Huna’s original name is ho’omana. Ho'o means "to make" and mana means "life force," like ki (as in Aikido), chi (as in Tai Chi) or prana in the Sanskrit language. Taken together, the word ho’omana means empowerment or to empower. To become empowered to be in charge, responsible to our own wellbeing and happiness.

A practise that I still use in my everyday life after all these years. And with my clients whether it is through bodywork, energetic work or coaching. I've taken parts of the vastness of the practice that make sense to me, what aids my clients within their healing on all levels of their being.

Huna way of seeing healing means not separating our body mind and spirit. In huna it is understood that our minds, spirits and emotions are not separate from the body. They are all interconnected.

Huna teaches us personal responsibility, it teaches us that only you can make the change you seek. It can not be handed to you. Healer can guide you in your path to healing, open it to you but no one can heal you for you. Walk your path for you.

But lets get started with the 7 core principles:

1. IKE: The World Is What You Think It Is

2. KALA: There Are No Limits

3. MAKIA: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

4. MANAWA: Now Is The Moment Of Power

5. ALOHA: To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something)

6. MANA: All Power Comes From Within

7. PONO: Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth

You can easily apply these beautiful principles to all areas of your life and living. No matter if it’s to do with work, love, family, health, relationships, hobbies, success or wellness.


Aloha xxx

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