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Channelling and Activation

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Psychic Readings 

Do you wish to receive some additional guidance for life, understanding about past lives you are drawing information

from within this current one

 and to receive loving

messages from the divine and

your own guides for

clarity and support?

Then this is made for you!

Sessions conducted over Zoom

or phone.

Session duration: 30 min

Session price: US$111

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Chakra Clearing and DNA Activation with intuitive guidance.

Are you wanting to raise your vibration, release unhealthy patterns, clear blocked energy centers within your body, manifest your dream life?Merely by receiving gentle yet powerful cosmic frequencies channelled by me?

Which ever is your intention, in this session I run you through an opening of your personal light channel and bring through EXTREMELY POWERFUL cosmic lightcodes to help you shift, release and heal.

And we will finish off with a card read for additional guidance.

Sessions take place over Zoom, as energy knows no time, space or distance.

Session duration: 60min

Session price: US$211

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Channelled Healing Recordings

These are some of my most

magical offerings. 

A 30-45 min channelled recording you can listen to as many

times as you wish.

I create a sacred ceremony space just for you and I will run you through a beautiful meditation. And follow by bringing through an individualised healing meant JUST FOR YOU

with various ways from spirit.

Lightlanguage, soul singing, sound healing and channelling. 

If you are looking to have a tool at your disposal to use when ever you wish, to heal and release old

patterns and help you shift to the next level in your soul evolution,

this  gem is for you!

2 different options!

Price: US$222

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