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Are you ready to blow your own damn mind
and s(trip) away everything that is not you?

Are you ready to activate your soul gifts
and remember who you truly are?

Stormy Skies

Let's begin a journey to the real you together!

My name is Suvi Inkinen. I am a Psychic Healer, Soul Wisdom Activator, Psychedelic Integration Coach, Awakening Mentor and a Channeller.


And since you found yourself to me, I am quite sure you are a fellow human beginning to question why you are here? What is the meaning of all of this? Why I am not happy even though I have all I ever thought I wanted? Much like I was in the beginning of my transformational journey, in the search of something more. Something deeper. A life filled with more joy, alignment and more YOU. The real you.


I am here to help you find answers to those important, life altering questions from within yourself. Help you step into your own rememberance. Whether you decide to embark on this beautiful journey with the aid of entheogenic medicine or without. I will guide you into an adventure into the person you are (and always have been) under all those layers you built over her/him throughout your life. I will help you remember and activate your sacred soul gifts that are waiting to be shared with the world.

I will hold a loving, sacred and non judgemental space for you as you journey into YOURSELF. I will be your no BS guide as you (s)trip away all that is not you. 

Yet a word of warning, I am not here to make you a more efficient ego led person, but to find your way back to your authentic self. Make your ego your ally not the enemy who keeps hindering your growth and innate soul evolution.

So if you are ready to go beyond what you thought was possible for you, ask and answer questions that might make you a little uncomfortable, surrender into the magic of your soul, I am the right person for you.

The choice is yours. As is this journey of self discovery. If you do find yourself wanting to dive deep into this magical being wanting to emerge from within, YOU, I would be honoured to walk this path with you.

Hold my cosmic light for you until you find your own.


Aloha, Suvi xx

Aloha fellow traveller,
I am happy you are here!


Sharing a little client love from this gorgeous human, Joelle, with you.

Just for you to get a little taster how working with me might feel like...what ever journey we were to embark on together.

Mahalo Joelle! xx

Ocean Pier

Some Of My Soul Deep Offerings




Did you wake up one morning and realised something isn't quite right? You realised you had began to feel lost from yourself, from your true essence?

Had began to feel  disconnection within your relationships, career, in life?

Or are you beginning the path of spiritual awakening? And in need of a mentor to guide you through the beautiful process of homecoming?

I am here to guide you back into the real you, deep within where all the answers lie. To the birthplace of joy and fulfilment.


Help you strip away all

that is is not you!




Are you thinking of possibly using Psychedelic Medicines? Or are you about to go on a transformational journey with the help of Entheogens ( Plant - or Synthetic Medicine) or recently came back from one?

This is for you.

Often people are not aware of the importance of preparation, set and setting as well as the true work that begins after the actual "journey" is over. How to weave the magic you felt into everyday life.


This is why I am here.






Looking for some additional healing magic?

In my soulful personalised or group healing session I will take you to a journey with a mix of channeling, toning and lightlanguage. 

Each session is unique and what ever you need in that exact time to help you lift your energy or release what no longer serves you.

If this is just for you,

you will receive a personalised recording you can listen to in the privacy of your own home, how many times you wish as spirit knows no time or space for the magic to work.

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"Oh my goodness, I cried and released so much..."


" I purchased an individualised recorded DNA Activation and Chakra Clearing Transmission from Suvi.

I just listened it for the first time now, creating a ceremony with it as Suvi advices, when I finally got a private moment

for myself and some time not to be disturbed. Oh my goodness, I cried and released so much.

Her light language felt so very familiar to me, safe and oddly comforting. As if I was deeply held, coming home. 


During the transmission and healing I experienced, I suddenly realised that I have been carrying so much guilt and

shame in this life because of something that happened in a life long before this one. Something that I wasn’t able to stop from occurring.

And that has been the reason I have been subconsciously hating and beating myself up in this life.

Not ever truly being able to pinpoint why. Feeling and thinking, how could anyone ever love a faulty human being like me?

And now I know I can finally let that go. I don’t need to carry that anymore.

I am so grateful for your help Suvi. I cannot thank you enough. "


Jonna Ohisalo,

Psychotherapy student 


Sandy Beach

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