Are you ready to blow your own damn mind

and s(trip) away everything that is not you?

Stormy Skies

Let's begin a journey to the real you together!

My name is Suvi Inkinen. I am a Deep Transformation and Psychedelic Integration Coach, and a Channeller.


And since you found yourself to me, I am quite sure you are a fellow human beginning to question why you are here? What is the meaning of all of this? Why I am not happy even though I have all I ever thought I wanted? Much like I was in the beginning of my transformational journey, in the search of something more. Something deeper. A life filled with more joy, alignment and more YOU. The real you.


I am here to help you find answers to those important, life altering questions from within yourself. Whether you decide to embark on this beautiful journey with the aid of entheogenic medicine or without. I will guide you into an adventure into the person you are (and always have been) under all those layers you built over her/him throughout your life. I will hold a loving, sacred and non judgemental space for you as you journey into YOURSELF. I will be your no BS guide as you strip away all that is not you. 

Yet a word of warning, I am not here to make you a more efficient ego led person, but to find your way back to your authentic self. Make your ego your ally not the enemy who keeps hindering your growth.

So if you are ready to go beyond what you thought was possible for you, ask and answer questions that might make you a little uncomfortable, I am the right person for you.

The choice is yours. As is this journey of self discovery. If you do find yourself wanting to dive deep into this magical being wanting to emerge from within, YOU, I am honoured to walk this path with you.


Aloha, Suvi xx

Ocean Pier

Soul Deep Offerings



Did you wake up one morning and realised something isn't quite right? You realised you had began to feel lost from yourself, from your true essence?

Had began to feel  disconnection within your relationships, career, in life?

I am here to guide you back into the real you, deep within where all the answers lie. To the birthplace of joy and fulfilment.


Help you strip away all that is not you!




Are you thinking of possibly using Psychedelic Medicines? Or are you about to go on a transformational journey with the help of Entheogens ( Plant - or Synthetic Medicine) or recently came back from one?

This is for you.

Often people are not aware of the importance of preparation, set and setting as well as the true work that begins after the actual "journey" is over. How to weave the magic you felt into everyday life.


This is why I am here.





Looking for some additional healing magic?

In my soulful personalised or group healing session I will take you to a journey with a mix of channeling, toning and lightlanguage. 

Each session is unique and what ever you need in that exact time to help you lift your energy or release what no longer serves you.

If this is just for you,

you will receive a personalised recording you can listen to in the privacy of your own home, how many times you wish as spirit knows no time or space for the magic to work.

Aloha fellow traveller,

I am happy you are here!

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Thousands of miles apart, I could feel her essence radiating...

“We live in a world full of chaos, distrust and fear, but we're reminded by the beauty of the universe that we're never alone.

We're always connected to each no matter the spaces between us. Sometimes we need a lighthouse to guide us back to our true being.

A reminder of who we are, where we've been and the divine wisdom to help illuminate our path going forward. 

Suvi has been that light to me from the instant we crossed paths.

From the moment I read her words, they found their way to the core of my soul. Words that resonated deep within my spirit.

It was like I had reconnected with a part of me that I had forgotten, buried, outright ignored. 

Connecting with Suvi has been a true blessing. Thousands of miles apart, yet I could feel her presence radiating.

Her light, love and wisdom are liberating and comforting. There have been times when her light nourishes my spirit and I find myself eye full of tears. It's like she knows exactly what I need. Never overwhelming, always comforting, nurturing and truly inspiring.

I absolutely love your soul Suvi! Your essence emits through the many discords our world harbours, yet you shine brightly.

It has been a wonderful privilege connecting with a true gem of a soul.

Thank you for all that you do.” 

- André K, San Francisco

Sandy Beach

Are you a perfectionist?

Did you know it is a sign of having drifted away from your true self?

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Plant Medicines and Psychedelics (entheogens ) are still illegal in most countries, and I do not personally encourage, advocate or condone the use of these substances where it is against the law. However, I do acknowledge the fact that illegal use of these medicines does occur in the world we live in at an expanding rate, and I believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative in keeping people safe while they engage with substances such as entheogens. In aiding people to do their own due diligence. That is the ONLY reason I am sharing information and knowledge about these medicines. It is all merely designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use them.  I do not in any way encourage using these substances outside of a legal or traditional context.  

Healings and other offerings through HUNAWORKS are not guaranteed to heal you of an illness or deliver specific results.

They are meant as an aid in your spiritual journey and each individual will experience them in their own unique way. 

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