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Updated: Sep 17, 2020


Letting go of things and people that no longer fit with who you have become, evolved to, is hard and sometimes simply heartbreaking. It’s hard because it’s giving up on things that you’ve grown accustomed to, souls and things that existed inside the life you used to live but don’t anymore. They used to feel like home to you but now they just feel foreign and as they are weighing you down. We feel guilty and afraid.

For some of us that means we stay. We stay and slowly loose ourselves inside an existence that was not meant for us. Existence that was merely meant to be a stepping stone to something more. Unfairly we grow bitter towards people and circumstances because taking ownership of the decision WE made to stay feels too hard, and it is easier to blame others for it. Easier but it eventually kills the love for things and people that we still had. Staying happens more to the ones that have forgotten how to cherish and value themselves.

Forgotten that in order to F.L.Y., on your own or with another, you First need to Love Yourself. So for your sake and the people you love, step into your power. Some things and people are not meant to stay with us forever, they don’t fit into each state of our lives. And that is ok. They have taught us what they came to teach and it’s time to let them go with love and gratefulness.

Goodbyes are heartbreaking but they need to happen, because they create space for new things to come into your life. It creates freedom and lightness. It helps us find our wings and F.L.Y. 📷📷


Suvi xx

Founder of Hunaworks

Global Intuitive Deep Transformation and Psychedelic Integration Coach,

Inspirational Speaker, Modern Medicine Woman, Writer & Podcaster. / @hunaworks / @elephantintheroompodcast

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