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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

WORK ON LIKING YOURSELF, LOVING YOURSELF  It's funny how we often work so hard to have people like us. It kind of makes sense when we are talking about people we admire or adore. But less so when we desperately want a person to like us when we don't really care for them that much to begin with. I was compulsive about this for years myself. Until I started valuing myself, loving myself, understanding the importance of having the right people in my circle, not EVERYONE I happened to meet. Often all this ties into our insecuritites and self worth, or more so the lack of it. We mirror how good we are or how loved based on how other people react to us, weather they like us or not. We forget that other peoples opinions have nothing to do with how loving, loved and lovable we are as a person. Only thing that matters is how much we love ourselves. In a funny way this all ties into the illusion of "being perfect" as well. If someone does not like us, we see ourselves as a failure in being a person, a perfect person. Someone not liking us makes us cracked somehow. Less than perfect. Because if we were perfect, everyone would like us. Right? No, no and no. Sometimes we just don't click with a person. Not because anyone is in the wrong. The energy just feels off. They are not our people. And that is ok. Wish them well and move on. Let your circle be attracted to you, because they are the people who belong there. Forcing friendships or relationships is never the right way to go. They are not real connections. Relationships take work, even when they are these genuine, true connections between 2 people. Don't waste your energy on fake ones, the ones that simply are not meant to be. It's a full time job and you need that energy for other things. More important things. Like living your life, taking care of yourself, working on your dreams and loving the people who love you. Stop trying so hard to make everyone like you, stay with you in your journey. Focus on loving yourself and understanding your worth. Not everyone is meant to be in our life. IT does not make you less you. It makes you more. Because you know yourself, love yourself and you will always be ok regardless. Aloha, Suvi xx

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