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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I wanted to share with you my most favourite, simple yet powerful affirmation. I've pulled power from these 3 simple words for years, and to them is where I return on days when nothing else seems to do the trick. When all I fell is UNlove for myself.

The words on their own don't seem to hold that much power in them, no matter how beautiful they are.

But when you dig deeper into each one, you understand why I love them so very much. And why you might start to as well.


On days when I feel judgemental, unforgiving and disappointed with myself, feeling like I am a failure in all aspects of being a human. When I feel there is not one reason for me to even be here, so I mind as well sees to exist. ( I get those days less now but nevertheless, I still do on occasion. When I feel drawn to play with my old demons of self worthlessness again, the feelings I thought I let go of long ago but are still lurking under the surface). Feel down thinking how miserably I failed in my unforgiving pursuit of perfection and have entirely forgotten how I should celebrate the imperfections that make me me instead. Celebrate doing my best, even if I didint achieve what I had set out to.

This word reminds me how well I love, how big my heart is and how it overflows compassion and warmth to people who pass my path or are a constants in it. It reminds me how I make people feel. How I am a master of easing the pain in others, even if it is just for a brief moment by just loving them the way only I know how. How people in my life have never had to or ever will have to question my love for them. How powerful and so very important this skill is in the world where many of us feel unloved and alone.

And just for this reason my existence is valuable. No, it is necessary.


On days when I feel utterly alone, unloved and unlovable. Physically, mentally and as the Suvi I am. So uncomfortable in my own skin I just want to change it into a brand new one like a snake would in spring time. Make myself more acceptable, more lovable ( to people I dont even know and who dont truly know me messed up is that). Days when I feel so far away from my family and loved ones. On days when I am overwhelmed by what life has thrown at me and I am wallowing deep in the well of self pity. Bohohooo poor little me.

This word reminds me how I am not truly alone. Ever. It reminds me of all the people in my life who have and continue to show me kindness just because, love me through days when I feel the most unlovable. How blessed I am to have a family, no matter how far, that are always there to support me, all I need to do is ask. Not always even that.

How blessed I am to have all these beautiful souls in my life. Who remind me how to love and cherish myself when I have forgotten.


On days when I feel I have failed as being a friend, a partner, a sister or a daughter. Miserably.

Think of how I act selfishly sometimes and hurt feelings of the people I love the most. How can they still love me, even after all I have done. How can they ever love an imperfect person. I am not worthy of it.

When I look into the mirror and all I see are the flaws that will never allow anyone to see me as lovable. I will forever be alone, unloved and unwanted.

This word reminds me that I am lovable just because I exist. I don’t need to be anything but myself and love will flow from hearts of others to mine. That I am lovable specially to my family and dear friends, people who have loved me through times I was at my lowest, when I was discovering the darkest, most unlovable parts of myself. Reminds me that people who have loved me outside of my family will always love especially the imperfect parts of me. Because those were the reasons that made them began to love me in the first place. Perfection has nothing to do with being lovable.

I am loved, loving and lovable because I am LOVE. Just like you are.

So in case you forgot today. OR you will forget tomorrow. Despite of everything happening in your life, despite of how you happen to feel about yourself today.

You are loving, loved and lovable. Because you are LOVE.


Suvi xx

Founder of Hunaworks

Global Intuitive Deep Transformation and Psychedelic Integration Coach,

Inspirational Speaker, Modern Medicine Woman, Writer & Podcaster. / @hunaworks / @elephantintheroompodcast

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